Braces That Express Individuality
By Kwong Orthodontics
October 13, 2014
Tags: WildSmiles Braces  
orthodontist Portage, MIFrom the clothes we sport to our haircuts, we all like to show off our unique styles. With the school year in full swing, your kids probably wanted to get some fun clothes and backpacks to welcome the new school year in style. And if your child needs braces, there has never been a better time to ask your Portage orthodontist about WildSmiles Braces™. Having braces doesn’t have to be a drag. Let your kids express themselves with this creative twist on braces.
What are WildSmiles Braces™?
If you think about traditional metal braces, they are pretty plain and simple. However, WildSmiles are orthodontic brackets that play to your child’s individualized style. Your child can choose his favorite shape or mix and match the different shapes to bling out his smile to the max. WildSmiles makes kids excited to show off their smiles in the hallways.
What kinds of shapes do WildSmiles Braces™ offer?
These specially designed brackets come in an array of different and exciting shapes that anyone will love:
- Sports themes
- Flowers
- Hearts
- Stars
- Super Diamonds®
Also, children aren’t limited to only one shape. They can easily mix and match from all the themes, so give them a funky smile that’s just as fun as they are.
Are they different from regular braces?
No, WildSmiles works exactly the same as traditional braces, they just have a different stylistic approach. However, the stainless steel braces do tend to be more comfortable than other braces like clear ceramic. Plus, the fun designs make them a bit more fun than conventional braces.
Can anyone get WildSmiles Braces™?
If your child needs braces, then WildSmiles is always an option. Since these braces are truly no different than regular braces, anyone can wear them. Just talk to your Portage orthodontist if you or your child wants to deck out their smile with WildSmiles Braces™.
If your child is ready to start the school year off with braces that wow, then call us today. Before we put on your child’s braces, let us know that they are interested in WildSmiles!