Broken Bracket or Wire? We Can Help

How your orthodontist in Portage, MI can help when you have problems with your braces

You’re straightening your smile with orthodontic treatment, and now you’ve broken a bracket or wire. What should you do? Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take before you visit your orthodontist. Dr. Thomas Kwong at Kwong Orthodontics in Portage, MI, offers comprehensive orthodontic services, including repairing broken brackets and wires.

Brackets and wires are strong, but they can still break. Eating hard, sticky foods can cause them to break. If you suffer a sports injury or accident involving your face can also break your brackets or wires.

If you break a bracket or wire, you should:

  • Get advice from your orthodontist about what you need to do.
  • Bring the bracket to your orthodontist if possible.
  • If the bracket is still attached to the wire, you can use orthodontic wax to fix the bracket in place.
  • If the orthodontic wire is broken, you can apply orthodontic wax to the end of the wire, so it doesn’t injure your cheeks or other soft tissue.
  • You can also try moving the wire with a Q-tip, or cut the end of the wire with a clean, sterile nail clipper.

Remember that you can do a lot to prevent breaking a bracket or wire. Remember to:

  • Avoid eating sticky foods
  • Avoid eating hard candy or hard foods
  • Cut your food into small pieces so you can minimize chewing stress

If you practice sports, remember to wear a mouthguard to keep from injuring your mouth, and to protect the brackets and wires from breaking.

If the broken bracket or wire causes injury or irritation to your soft tissue, you can rinse the area with warm salt water twice each day, and take Tylenol. Applying moist or dry heat to the area can also help relieve discomfort.

Orthodontic treatment can work magic on your smile, so you need to protect the brackets and wires. To find out more about how to protect your smile, and your orthodontic treatment, call Dr. Thomas Kwong of Kwong Orthodontics in Portage, MI at (269) 327-4459. Call today!

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