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April 07, 2021
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Here’s your guide to choosing the right orthodontist for you or your child’s needs.

We know just how important the health and appearance of your smile are. You want an orthodontist who listens to you, addresses your needs, and can provide you with the perfect treatment to give you a straighter smile. When you come into our Portage, MI, practice, our orthodontist Dr. Thomas Kwong will make sure that all of your needs are met. Here’s what you should know about shopping around for an orthodontist.

Check Reviews

What better way to find out what kind of experience you’re going to have at an orthodontist’s office than to check reviews? Reviews don’t lie! It’s a great way to get a more in-depth look into every facet of the patient experience. It can also steer you away from offices that may be overcrowded and too busy to give you the undivided attention you need. Want to read our reviews? We have 185 five-star Google reviews from happy patients who love working with our Portage, MI, orthodontist Dr. Kwong, and a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook.

Ask for Personal Recommendations

Along with reviews, referrals or recommendations from family and friends can also be a great way to find the right orthodontist for you or your child. Talk with family members who have kids, as well as adults you might know who got braces later in life, and see which orthodontist they recommend. They may also provide you with helpful tips and advice that you might not find surfing the internet.

Check their Offerings

It’s important to know what the orthodontist will be able to offer you before you come into the practice so you’re not wasting your time. We know your time is limited and nothing is worse than finding out that the orthodontist you visited can’t offer you the same orthodontic treatments that others can.

Here at our Portage, MI, practice, we understand that the orthodontic needs of a child or teen are going to be vastly different from an adult. That’s why we offer everything from traditional and clear braces to nearly invisible aligner systems for teens and adults looking for more discreet treatment options.

Choosing the right orthodontist in Portage, MI, is an important decision and one that we know takes a lot of time and consideration. If you have questions about the services and care we offer, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Kwong of Kwong Orthodontics at (269) 327-4459.

By Kwong Orthodontics
August 12, 2019
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An orthodontist and a dentist are the same thing right? Well, not quite. While people may use the two titles interchangeably they are different and it’s important when to see a dentist and when you should visit our Portage, MI, orthodontist Dr. Thomas Kwong to handle certain dental problems. Here’s what you need to know about the world of orthodontics.

What is an orthodontist?

While a dentist is a medical doctor who can provide care and treatment for the teeth and gums, as well as the jaw, mouth and nerves, an orthodontist specializes in fixing misalignments to give you a straight set of teeth.

Here in Portage, MI, our orthodontist specializes in treating everything from overbites and misaligned jaws to overcrowding and crooked teeth. Dr. Kwong works with children, teens and adults to help them achieve a straighter smile with the help of orthodontic treatment.

From prevention to diagnosis and treatment of dental irregularities, we can do it all to improve the health of your teeth, jaws, and bite.

When is the right time for an orthodontic checkup?

When we often think about braces we often picture teens wearing them; however, the sooner our orthodontist can evaluate your child’s smile the better for their oral development and health. A simple orthodontic check-up can reveal bite irregularities, delayed jaw growth, and dental misalignments. Early treatment could facilitate jaw growth, reduce trauma to teeth, and improve appearance. It’s best to have your child’s teeth checked by an orthodontist no later than 7 years old.

I’m an adult. Is it too late to see an orthodontist?

While the ideal time for a child to see an orthodontist is around 6-7 years old, this doesn’t mean that older teens or adults have missed an opportunity for a straighter smile. In fact, more and more adults are turning to our orthodontist to fix crooked and misaligned teeth, and with more discreet orthodontic solutions like Invisalign our orthodontic team here in Portage, MI, is making the orthodontic process simple and easy for everyone, no matter their age.

Do you want to find out what orthodontic treatment will give you the best results? Want to know if your child’s smile could benefit from braces? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Kwong Orthodontics in Portage, MI, is happy to provide patients of all ages with the treatment they need for beautiful, ideal smiles.