What’s the Process of Getting Your Braces Off?
By Kwong Orthodontics
September 23, 2014
Tags: Braces  

braces removed The day has finally come to take your braces off. It’s definitely an exciting day, but you may be wondering about the exact process of getting them off. It’s actually a fairly straightforward procedure that can be completed in under an hour. Portage orthodontist Dr. Thomas Kwong of Kwong Orthodontics performs braces removal for all his orthodontics patients—both children and adults when the time is right.

The Removal Process

You’ll usually know in advance that your braces are coming off. Dr. Kwong will tell you at the final adjustment appointment that it’s time, so that you can start celebrating. At the removal appointment, Dr. Kwong uses special orthodontic instruments to carefully remove each bracket and the glue that kept them affixed to each tooth. It is usually a procedure free from discomfort though you’ll likely have to keep your mouth open throughout the appointment.

Polishing and Cleaning

Once the brackets are off, Dr. Kwong polishes and cleans the teeth thoroughly to remove any excess residue from the tooth. This process is similar to getting a standard cleaning every six months and usually lasts just 10 minutes. If you’ve taken good care of your teeth while wearing the braces, such as brushing and flossing regularly, you should have a pearly even-colored smile.  After the braces are removed and teeth cleaned, radiographs and final photos are taken as a final step in the removal process. 

The Retainer

You will have impressions taken the same day as you get your braces off and will be delivered a clear retainer later in the afternoon. It’s crucial that you continue to wear the retainer every night while sleeping to keep your teeth in their new and improved position.
Having your braces removed and seeing your beautiful new smile by Dr. Kwong will likely be one of the happiest visits at our office.