Braces in Portage: Three Tips for Better Oral Health
By Kwong Orthodontics
December 04, 2013
Category: Oral Health
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Braces PortageIf you have braces, you are in the process of fixing a malocclusion issue and boosting oral health. You probably can’t wait to see how straight your teeth will be after treatment. For the best results, remember to maintain proper oral heath during treatment. A straighter smile pairs best with healthy teeth and gums. Here are a few tips your Portage orthodontist wants you to know.

Brush after every meal

Traditional wires and brackets catch and trap food debris, so it’s harder to remove all of the particles. If you have braces, it’s important to clean teeth after every meal. Bad oral health habits can cause plaque to buildup—or worse, tooth decay.

Use braces-friendly floss

Braces wearers sometimes have a tough time flossing. Here are a few suggestions for correct flossing.
  • Purchase waxed floss—it glides easier between teeth and around braces.
  • Use about 18 inches of floss.
  • Don’t pull too hard on floss—you can damage a wire or bracket.
  • Ask your orthodontist for a floss threader—it easily maneuvers floss between braces.

Avoid sticky, chewy food

Avoid certain types of food during orthodontic treatment. Sticky and chewy food, such as candy, easily gets stuck between braces. It’s harder to remove, and overexposure to sugar can lead to cavities. 
If you live in Portage, braces can be taken care of by Dr. Thomas Kwong, orthodontist in Portage.  Dr. Kwong specializes in traditional braces and Invisalign for children and adults. Do you use proper techniques to clean your teeth and braces?